Rotary Club of Milwaukee announces $250,000 donation to Lincoln Avenue Stable

A Milwaukee Police Officer, JoAnne Anton and Ed Krishok, both of Rotary Club of Milwaukee.

Rotary Club of Milwaukee president, JoAnne Anton announced recently that the Rotary Club will donate $250,000 to help create the Lincoln Avenue Stable– a project integrating the Milwaukee Police Department with equine-assisted therapy.

The Stable will house 24 horses trained in equine-assisted therapy, community engagement and Milwaukee Police Department patrols.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn joined the announcement to discuss the value of mounted patrols for public safety and community engagement. Chief Flynn said in 1934, former Milwaukee Mayor Hoan tried to abolish the Mounted Police Patrol against the wishes of former Milwaukee Police Chief Laubenheimer.

The Chief reached out to Edward Wagner, the then Rotary Club of Milwaukee president, and Wagner led the Rotary Club in raising over $3,000 to save the mounted patrol. When the National Safety Council in 1934 declared Milwaukee the safest city in the nation, the Chief gave credit to the Rotary Club.

Photo courtesy of Rotary Club of Milwaukee