Rocketship Transformation Prep Groundbreaking

Founding Rocketship Transformation Prep Principal Kourtney Vang and Rocketship Wisconsin Regional Director Brittany Kinser and Rocketship Wisconsin Board Chair Ralph Webe

Rocketship Transformation Prep, a public charter elementary school, will move into their
permanent campus at 5501 N 68th St Ave in August, 2019. On June 1, we held the official groundbreaking ceremony and hard hat tour of the space. Founding families, school
leaders, and supporters spoke and led tours. Rocketship Transformation Prep opened in a
temporary space at the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center in August 2018, serving students in
grades K4-3 (up to 4th next year and 5th the year after). The school serves students from predominantly low-income backgrounds. Rocketship came to the Silver Spring neighborhood because many school-age students were leaving their community to attend a high-quality
school. Rocketship Transformation Prep partners with the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, Carmen Northwest, and many other community groups to provide students a comprehensive suite of educational and social services.