10/16/2018 8:00 am-4:15 pm

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    A Paranet Special Event

    Problem Solving is the foundation of the Lean. The tools of a lean production system are designed to identify problems. Do you have standardization and the expertise at all levels of your organization to solve them? The extent that you train and engage your organization in problem-solving will ultimately determine your success in the lean journey.

    Mike Hoseus, co-author of Toyota Culture will review how a Lean Organization establishes their culture for problem-solving at all levels. A participative workshop with examples and case study will be used to go through an 8 Step systematic process.

    The workshop will allow you to:

    • Have your organization able to identify and respond to problems “as they occur
    • Understand how a system of problem-solving is a dynamic process that continually improves itself and the people engaged in it and how to implement it in your organization
    • Assessing the current state of your organization in establishing, implementing and sustaining the daily problem solving
    • Learn the role all levels play in the problem-solving process
    • Learn the basic formats of A3s and uses of the A3 as a management process
    • Gain experience in the three basic roles of the A3 process
      • Writing an A3 (Author/Owner)
      • Reading A3s (Responder)
      • Coaching others about their own A3s (Coach)

    At the end of this workshop you should be able to:

    • Connect the values of lean to problem-solving
    • Follow the steps of the lean problem-solving process (PDCA)
    • Know how to use different problem-solving methodologies in different circumstances (PDCA, 8 Step, and A3)
    • Understand what it takes to develop concise problem-solving A3’s
    • Understand and be able to explain the “thinking process” and infrastructure needed to sustain problem-solving at all levels



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