Herzing University

Herzing University
W140N8917 Lilly Road
Menomonee Falls

It is the mission of Herzing University to provide high‐quality undergraduate and graduate degrees and diploma programs to prepare a diverse and geographically distributed student population to meet the needs of employers in technology, business, healthcare, and public safety. Career‐oriented degree programs include a complementary and integrated general education curriculum established to stimulate students’ intellectual growth, to contribute to their personal development, and to enhance their potential for career advancement.

Renee Herzing, President and CEO
Mike Wimer, Vice President of Admissions
Dr. Kitty Kautzer, Provost
Nigel Longworth, President of Herzing Online & CIO
Joseph Froehlich, Chairperson
Patricia Todus, Vice-Chairperson
Wendy Baumann, Secretary
Mark Ambrosius, Director
Erin Hareng, Director
Peter Heffernan, Director
Henry Herzing, Director
Cheryl King, Ph.D., Director
Business can and do help by providing curriculum, guidance, training aids, and scholarship support. Other ways the business community can help is by creating endowments, providing guest lecturers, training support (content and best practices) and customized certifications.
Ongoing campaigns for fundraising/donations