Christmas Clearing Council of Waukesha County

Christmas Clearing Council of Waukesha County
514 Riverview Ave.

The purpose of this organization is to promote, coordinate and provide community giving to children in need during the Christmas holiday season and to avoid the duplication of giving in Waukesha County.

Ruth Page Jones, Executive Director
Becky Brock, President; Sarah Hein, Vice President; Kathy Boxhorn, Secretary; Tricia Wilson, Treasurer; Claire Beglinger, Past President, Liz Beaudoin, Steve Berndt, Jessica Byrnes, Shelly Conrad, Lindsay Fischer, Donna Gainer, Susan Juntunen, Mary Rode, Susan Schoultz, Brian Wargula
Advertising and Promotion, Board Members, Books or educational materials, Retail Gift Cards, Sports Equipment, Volunteers
Businesses can participate in Christmas giving by sponsoring specific families and providing a minimum of $60.00 per child, by donating toys for an annual Toy Shop that allows parents to shop for their children for free, or by donating cash or gift cards for teenagers.
October 23-December 13
Waukesha County
Sponsorship involves calling the CCC office to be matched with a family, purchasing age-appropriate gifts for a minimum of $60.00 per child and delivering gifts directly to the family. Families are available for sponsorship starting October 23 and gifts must be delivered by December 13.
Toy Shop
December 16
Parents who are not matched with a sponsor are invited to a one-day Toy Shop to select community-donated toys for their children.

People may donate new, unwrapped toys to any of the CCC Toy Site Locations, located throughout the county, from November 1 to December 13. A list of all locations is available on CCC’s web site. To help set up or staff the Toy Shop, volunteers can register for shifts on December 14, 15, and 16, on the CCC Web site.