Family business legacy

Hitting the strike zone for 138 years

In an environment where only three percent of family businesses at the fourth-generation level and beyond survive, the Burghardts have beaten the odds.

Do you manage your money like a millionaire?

Five consistent traits that help millionaires get ahead – and usually, stay ahead

Many of these behaviors seem obvious, like spend less than you can afford.

Clarified individual member rights and duties in limited liability companies

On the case of Marx v. Morris in the Wisconsin Supreme Court

LLC members and managers do have duties arising under common law and can be sued for a breach of such duty.

How early career awareness programs benefit employers and the community 

Opening students’ eyes to the connection between school and career with work-based learning

Students are able to discover their passions and interests and then connect them to an attainable career.

Revival of the urban neighborhood

Developers are delivering housing complexes in the heart of communities

Millennials and boomers are looking for engaging living environments with amped up amenities and connectivity.

How I 3xed my business just using LinkedIn

A simple three-step process that generates very strong results without a large time commitment and advertising money

Look to start a conversation and continue to grow the relationship through meaningful connections.

Work-based learning is combating the skilled labor shortage

A win-win solution that provides opportunities for students and fresh talent for businesses

Students follow a curriculum that meets graduation requirements while also aligning them with industry and job-specific training and technical certifications.

Five reasons to participate in BizExpo

Exhibiting is a great opportunity to demonstrate your leadership in the market

Reserve your booth today - 12 booths remaining. 

Seller beware

Failure to disclose during a home sale could cost you

Protect yourself in real estate transactions by understanding disclosure obligations.

Raising the bar on senior living

Providers are continuing to revamp communities to meet demands

Today’s seniors are creating a new set of criteria that will provide opportunities to live life to the fullest.

Meet the modern apprenticeships

The state of Wisconsin is expanding the apprenticeship model to new frontiers.

Whether it's finance, IT or a new sector entirely, employers facing worker shortages have a lot to gain by exploring an apprenticeship model.

Start early with Youth Apprenticeship

A great investment for any Wisconsin business seeking qualified employees

Companies not considering this motivated talent pool are missing out.