Will Trump impose quotas on imports?

Curtailing benefits under free trade agreements loom as Trump’s investigates national security of imports

Detrimental changes in duty rates, absolute quotas and the curtailing benefits under various free trade agreements loom overhead as Trump’s investigations into national security of...

Five things you never knew about disability insurance

Disability benefits could be an important gap in your benefit offerings

If you ever found yourself wondering, “Why should I offer my employees disability insurance?” or “What is disability insurance?" — this article is for you

Plan today, be prepared for tomorrow

Explore the importance of succession planning for small businesses

Succession planning is, most simply, the process of preparing to pass along the business once you retire or are no longer able to work. Take control of your future.

Nonprofits need cybersecurity, too

If you collect it, you have to protect it

Nonprofits live and die based on their reputations, and a data breach can destroy a reputation quickly. What is the best way to prevent becoming a hacker’s next victim?

What’s the difference between an border tax and import tariff?

Clarifying the President’s idea of assessing a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico

The terms tariff and tax have been used interchangeably since this proposal. However, the meaning of each is very different.

Can small employers afford on-site healthcare services?

You bet your Betamax

But just as we don’t waste our time trekking to Blockbuster for rentals anymore, our employees need not waste work time driving offsite for care that can be efficiently delivered at the...

Employee benefits for small businesses

These basic reminders can prevent costly mistakes

If you’re heading up a small business, you may be handling the tasks of a CEO, CFO, and HR manager—all in a single day. That’s why you need to be aware of the responsibilities that...

Trade under Trump

President’s emerging trade policies lead to uncertainty

Much is at stake, and trade decisions made by the new administration over the coming year will have far-reaching consequences for the U.S., as well as for the rest of the world.

Make time for digital spring cleaning

Tips for protecting valuable personal information and data

Most people make sure to lock their house and car every time they leave it because it’s better than being robbed. Your personal data is valuable, just like those material possessions.

Building value for the future—not just for a sale

Creating an asset for continued growth and sustainability

In our previous post, we introduced you to the eight key drivers for assessing the value of your business. When considering a sale, assessing the value of your business is common...

What an interesting world we live in!

Shipping outside of the box – a breakdown on shipping specialized cargo

Not everything fits perfectly into a 40-foot box, and, therefore, must use alternative options to efficiently transport goods in bulk.

Cybertrends for 2017 and beyond

Threats evolve—and so should you

What’s on the horizon for the cyberthreat landscape? Let’s put it this way: Attacks are increasing, the threats are constantly changing, and no one is immune to a data breach....