Trade under Trump

President’s emerging trade policies lead to uncertainty

Much is at stake, and trade decisions made by the new administration over the coming year will have far-reaching consequences for the U.S., as well as for the rest of the world.

Make time for digital spring cleaning

Tips for protecting valuable personal information and data

Most people make sure to lock their house and car every time they leave it because it’s better than being robbed. Your personal data is valuable, just like those material possessions.

Building value for the future—not just for a sale

Creating an asset for continued growth and sustainability

In our previous post, we introduced you to the eight key drivers for assessing the value of your business. When considering a sale, assessing the value of your business is common...

What an interesting world we live in!

Shipping outside of the box – a breakdown on shipping specialized cargo

Not everything fits perfectly into a 40-foot box, and, therefore, must use alternative options to efficiently transport goods in bulk.

Cybertrends for 2017 and beyond

Threats evolve—and so should you

What’s on the horizon for the cyberthreat landscape? Let’s put it this way: Attacks are increasing, the threats are constantly changing, and no one is immune to a data breach....

What now?

Answer that question before employees head to the ER

As with most things, a little advance planning goes a long way. Make sure your employees already know the answer when their “what now?” moment occurs.

There’s no place like home

Four steps to effective local B2B event marketing

Local business events offer value beyond great sales opportunities. Many local shows like the bi-annual Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show, the annual BizTimes’ BizExpo and the...

Do you know the value of your business?

Eight key drivers to improve the value of your company

Focusing on these eight drivers is statistically proven to increase the value of your business. You will identify ways to make your company even stronger.

All in the family (office)

Valuation needs for direct private equity investments

Family offices making private equity investments need to be aware of a number of valuation issues related to investments in more complex structures.

This way to the exit

ESOP considerations for professional practice firms

Not all exit strategies are feasible for firm owners. The ESOP is an attractive exit solution, and often not considered due to a lack of understanding.

Employers: Get some skin in the skin game

Business leaders must consider organizational impacts of the most common cancer

All employers, particularly those with outdoor workforces, have an obligation to their employees’ health and to their bottom line to address sun safety.

Does your group LTD plan meet the needs of your executive team?

A supplemental LTD plan can complement your group LTD coverage for a more attractive—and fairer—compensation package

If a catastrophic scenario renders a top-tier employee unable to work, group long-term disability (LTD) coverage will likely still leave a significant income gap. A supplemental LTD plan...