The pride of corporate citizenship

Thanks to the companies rolling up their sleeves and helping neighbors

To all the companies big and small out there working with the nonprofit organizations that make our community great, I say thank you for rolling up your sleeves and helping your neighbors.

Practicing innovation within your company

Your employees are either innovative and creative, or they are not. Right?

Innovative companies are willing to change, learn, try, and even fail on the path to success.

Applying peanut butter cup wisdom to pharmacy benefits

Medical and pharmacy benefits should work together like peanut butter and chocolate

Not allowing medical and pharmacy benefits to work together is like scooping out the peanut butter from the chocolate and eating each separately.

Trump and taxes

Navigating the uncertainty

Business owners can and should start thinking about what they are going to do in anticipation of any new system. Once legislation is written, it will inevitably affect the way you do...

Health insurers’ role in fighting the opioid crisis

Health plans can and must play a big role in curbing this horrific trend

Like smoking and obesity, the key to addressing a complex social health crisis like opioids is attacking it on multiple, coordinated fronts.

Six manufacturing trends to watch

These trends will continue to evolve and shape the way manufacturers do business

Manufacturers are keeping a close eye on several trends in the industry, as evidenced by SVA clients.

HSAs: A growing benefit for attracting and retaining employees

Why it’s worth considering integrating HSAs into the benefits mix

See how HSAs provide an attractive offering to employees while increasing retention and reducing health care costs for your company.

Will Trump impose quotas on imports?

Curtailing benefits under free trade agreements loom as Trump investigates national security of imports

Detrimental changes in duty rates, absolute quotas and the curtailing benefits under various free trade agreements loom overhead as Trump’s investigations into national security of...

Five things you never knew about disability insurance

Disability benefits could be an important gap in your benefit offerings

If you ever found yourself wondering, “Why should I offer my employees disability insurance?” or “What is disability insurance?" — this article is for you

Plan today, be prepared for tomorrow

Explore the importance of succession planning for small businesses

Succession planning is, most simply, the process of preparing to pass along the business once you retire or are no longer able to work. Take control of your future.

Nonprofits need cybersecurity, too

If you collect it, you have to protect it

Nonprofits live and die based on their reputations, and a data breach can destroy a reputation quickly. What is the best way to prevent becoming a hacker’s next victim?

What’s the difference between an border tax and import tariff?

Clarifying the President’s idea of assessing a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico

The terms tariff and tax have been used interchangeably since this proposal. However, the meaning of each is very different.