Does your company have a full funnel content strategy?

5 steps to nurturing leads all the way to the sale

Without a plan for nurturing, content goes to waste, ignored by prospective customers who don’t understand how it applies to their needs.

Creating a competitive edge for Wisconsin manufacturers

Spotlight on Wisconsin Manufacturers Extension Partnership (WMEP)

This is the second in our series of spotlight articles on partner organizations who, like the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), are committed to helping companies succeed...

Pressed for space?

Understand the trade-offs of construction, expansion and relocation

Seven factors every company should consider when space needs change

Why are your sales flatlining?

The traditional approach just doesn’t work anymore

Why aren’t traditional sales approaches working as well today? A growing body of research sheds some light on what has changed.

Helping under-served groups build business and personal success

Spotlight on WWBIC

Successful businesses are the foundation of a healthy economy. Providing the resources to ensure early-stage and small businesses succeed relies on collaboration.

Assist your team with those New Year’s resolutions

Employee Assistance Programs help workers reduce stress, achieve personal goals

An EAP is not a health care plan. It’s a program connects employees and their families to services they can use when facing life’s challenges, no matter how big or small.

Striking a balance

When to save and when to splurge on your office furniture

While it's always smart to spend carefully, it’s important to plan wisely when budgeting for your new office furniture—some pieces are worth the splurge.

“You have to change if you want to get better”

How Rick Ray turned a marketing degree into a manufacturing career

Rick Ray retires from the WMEP after a successful tenure helping Wisconsin businesses go lean

The pros aren’t alone

Know how to identify – and prevent – concussions

While professional and collegiate football may get the bulk of the attention, don't assume that concussions only happen at the highest levels of sports or don’t affect our kids

“We just learned it the hard way.”

A lean manufacturing expert reflects after a long journey

Jim Fackelman retires from the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) at the end of 2016

Five ways to find value in your office furniture

Price isn’t the only consideration

Price isn’t the only consideration

More than just Superfans have heart attacks

Text message campaign provides free heart health tips

Text message campaign provides free heart health tips