Friday, March 18, 2016 | 7:30 - 11:00 AM | Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

The annual Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Wellness Summit, presented by BizTimes Media. This event provides a hands-on, practical and educational approach for company leaders.

THE HIGH COST OF HIGH STRESS How employee anxiety can bring down your business – and what you can do to fix it Life in the workplace – and in general – moves exponentially faster than a generation ago. Today, about half of all Americans feel stressed out, and their anxiety takes a toll on their health, well-being and their employers’ bottom line. On March 18 attendees learned how to identify stress in the workplace and help employees overcome it for increased productivity, real cost savings and improved retention.

Keynote: Building a psychologically healthy workplace Learn to identify stress in the workplace and where to focus your efforts to reduce employee stress levels and enhance motivation. Keynote: Greg Schramka, Psy.D., Director, Behavioral Health Therapy Services, Aurora Behavioral Health Services (click here to download Greg Schramka’s presentation)


Panel Discussion: Back to the basics In an age of fast food, fad diets and quick-fix diet pills, the path to a healthier life is still good old-fashioned healthy eating, exercise and sleep. Moderator: Paul Nobile, Regional Vice President, Sales & Account Management, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield in Wisconsin Panelists: Jennifer Smith-Hulbert, General Manager and WorkingWell Director, Wisconsin Athletic Club Mary Kelly, Wellness Manager for Sensia Wellness Lisa Cottrell, Ph.D., CBSM, Clinical Health Psychologist, Board Certified Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Aurora Health Care


Panel Discussion: Opportunity costs of an unhealthy workforce If your employees are not getting healthier, you’re costing your business in numerous ways. Fostering a culture of wellness is a recruiting and retention tool, a cost savings tool and a productivity tool. Moderator: Karl Robe, Principal owner, Karl James & Company Public Relations Panelists: Paul Shekoski, CEO, Primex Family of Companies Carrie Phelps, PhD, BCC, CWWS, Director of Membership, National Wellness Institute Jerry Curtin, President, Cultivate


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