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The annual BizTimes Media Health Care Heroes Awards recognize the heroes among us – people and organizations making an impact on the health and wellness of southeastern Wisconsin in the health care sector. In this special section, we honor their achievements and tell their stories.

Lifetime Achievement

Richard Aster, Versiti Blood Research Institute video-play-small-icon

Advancements in Health Care:
Honors a company or individual primarily responsible for a scientific or discovery or for the development of a new medical product or procedure.

Parameswaran Hari, Medical College of Wisconsin video-play-small-icon

Behavioral Health:

Honors an individual or an organization for their leadership, commitment and care on behavioral health issues.

C. Frederick Geilfuss II, Grand Avenue Club video-play-small-icon
Robert Gouthro, Medical College of Wisconsin video-play-small-icon
Robin Monson-Dupuis, Aurora Behavioral Health Services video-play-small-icon

Community Service:
Honors an individual or an organization for leadership in focusing on solving a particular health care issue.

Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center Community Advisory Board video-play-small-icon
Ascension Wisconsin – Be of Good Heart program video-play-small-icon
David Nelson, Medical College of Wisconsin video-play-small-icon

Executive Leadership:
Honors a senior-level individual who demonstrates strong skills in leading their organization in quality care, collaboration and financial management.

Coreen Dicus-Johnson, Network Health video-play-small-icon
Patricia Metropulos, Kathy’s House video-play-small-icon

Health Care Staff:
Honors an individual who has made a significant difference in the well-being of others.

Sheila Dodds, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin video-play-small-icon

Honors an individual from the nursing field whose performance on the job is considered exemplary by patients, peers and physicians.

Mariya Gozenpud, IndependenceFirst Inc. video-play-small-icon
Julie Katrichis, Milwaukee Health Dept. video-play-small-icon
Brianne Ortega, Waukesha County Public Health video-play-small-icon

Honors a physician whose performance on the job is considered exemplary by patients and peers.

Frank Downey, Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center video-play-small-icon
Adnan Nazir, Taha Medical Center video-play-small-icon
Ronald Schulgit, Ascension Medical Group – Racine video-play-small-icon

Honors an individual who has done volunteer work for the good of one or more people or the entire community.

Dawn Panfil, Hair & Body Solutions Salon and Spa video-play-small-icon

Thank You!
BizTimes Media applauds the 2018 Health Care Heroes! Thank you for making a difference in the community and on the front lines of health care.

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