Green Directory

Published September 29, 2014

Gibraltar Industries Inc.

4201 N. 27th St., Century City Tower

Milwaukee, WI 53216

(414) 460-8040

Year Founded: 2007

LinkedIn: Shannon L. Jefferson Gibraltar Industries Inc.

General Business Description: Commercial - Residential - Construction Janitorial Firm

Key Contact:

Shannon Jefferson

Additional products or services offered: Cleaning Services
Facilities Management
Site Remediation
Waste Minimization/ Recycling
Waste Removal

Number of LEED Accredited Professionals on staff: 2

Key partnerships or memberships: AACC, TBC, MMAC, Fuel

Type of education & training services offered: Effective product usage Cost Saving services, equipment and supplies

Three largest clients: Housing Authority Gorman Co. Target

Current number of business clients: 5 to 9

Average clients size: 50 to 99 employees

Approximate percentage of business conducted in the following areas:

Examples of projects your organization has been involved in: The Use of Green Cleaning Products On All Job Sites

Previously involved in a LEED certified project in the state of Wisconsin: No

Awards received for your products and services: No