Green Directory

Published September 29, 2014

Precision Color Graphics

9640 S. Oakwood Park Drive

Franklin, WI 53132

(414) 209-0808

Year Founded: 1992

General Business Description: Precision Color Graphics offers a line of green sustainable packaging. A full service packaging company that takes a project from concept to completion of your filled package.

Key Contact:

John Goeden

Additional products or services offered: Engineering Consulting & Design Services
Manufacturer of Green / Energy Products

Number of LEED Accredited Professionals on staff: 0

Key partnerships or memberships: Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), Metro Milwaukee Future 50, Scitex Graphics Users Association,Inc.

Three largest clients: Tuffy's Pet Food, V-Dogg, Sears, Klondike Cheese

Current number of business clients: 100 or more

Average clients size: 20 to 49 employees

Approximate percentage of business conducted in the following areas:

Southeastern Wisconsin: 25%

State of Wisconsin: 50%

National: 25%

Examples of projects your organization has been involved in: Precision Color Graphics is a leader in Compostable Human and Pet Food packaging. Our Patent was received in March 2013 for its bio-polymer-lined multilayer bags.With the introduction of Ecoterah Brand Bags and barrier pouches these bags have passed a stringent ASTM6400 compostable testing. The current response has been very favorable from our clients. All packaging FDA approved for food contact.

Previously involved in a LEED certified project in the state of Wisconsin: No