April 04. 2014 7:00AM - Last modified: April 04. 2014 7:24AM

SHEBOYGAN - Acuity to raise record-setting 400-foot flagpole

After three deserted flagpole attempts, including one spectacular failure, Acuity Insurance officials will erect the company’s fourth massive flagpole — and the biggest one yet — on the north end of its Sheboygan property.

Work on the 400-foot-tall pole is already underway and is scheduled to be completed by late May/early June. The towering pole, which will be 60 feet taller than the previous attempt, will measure 11 feet in diameter at its base, and will fly a 60-by-120-foot flag.

When completed, it will officially be the tallest flagpole in North America, outdistancing a 308-foot-tall flagpole in Laredo, Texas.

The company’s first flagpole was 150 feet tall and was erected in June 2003 as a response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The pole was raised to 200 feet in 2004, but toppled down during a windstorm on New Year’s Eve that year.

Two more poles followed, each reaching taller than 300 feet. One pole, dedicated on July 1, 2005, was taken down in 2007, and the other, a 338-foot pole erected in April 2008, was removed just months later.

Acuity President and CEO Ben Salzmann said the project is in response to the flood of communications Acuity has received since the last pole came down.

“Honestly, after the last flagpole, we had decided we were done and the public demanded it so much that it caused us to take another run,” Salzmann said. “We have gotten thousands and thousands of requests to put this flagpole back up.”

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