May 10. 2013 11:45AM

Goff's Enterprises Inc.

IQ [Innovation Quotient] Award

By Alysha Schertz


Goff's Enterprises Inc.
Industry: Manufacturing
Innovation: G2 vinyl garage doors

Tony Goff

Tony Goff was a college student in 1987 when he took an idea his father had for a flexible curtain wall and turned it into a business. Today, Goff's Enterprises Inc., has moved to a brand-new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pewaukee, and expanded its curtain wall products to include, among other items, the G2 line of vinyl garage doors.

"What started out as a convenient flexible way to separate areas of a collision repair shop turned into burgeoning viable business once we started looking into other opportunities for use," Goff said. "We started expanding into other industries that needed solutions for airborne contaminants, dust issues, climate control issues, and chemical over sprays. That's eventually how we broke into the vinyl garage door market."

The high-performance, high-speed vinyl roll-up G2 door line features auto-reset, high-wind load and light weight doors, Goff said.

Versions are also available with exchangeable panels available in solid vinyl, mesh and clear PVC to allow for temperature cooling or additional sunlight options for various weather conditions.

"The product line has essentially allowed consumers to realize they don't necessarily need a $10,000 to $12,000 door to cover their opening," Goff said. "The G2 product not only provides cost savings it also provides energy savings, maintenance savings and it can provide comfort in terms of temperature control in warehouse spaces without compromising or allowing dust or contaminates into the space."

During the first year of production on the G2, sales grew by 55 percent, Goff said. Revenues have continued to grow more than 50 percent since the product's introduction to the market. The company has also continued to add full time employees.

"The G2 line of doors provides value to our customers by giving them everything they need and nothing they don't," Goff said. "We can offer products that provide all the benefits of a traditional garage door at about half the price."