March 22. 2013 11:00AM - Last modified: March 22. 2013 11:40AM

Union to remain at Frito-Lay plant

Workers at a Frito-Lay Inc. warehouse in Menomonee Falls will continue to be represented by Teamsters Local Union 344.


Of 110 employees eligible to vote in a decertification election on Thursday, 51 voted to keep the union and 47 voted against it. 
There was one challenged vote, but it did not affect the outcome and won’t be investigated, said Irv Gottschalk, Milwaukee regional director of the National Labor Relations Board.
Objections to behavior leading up to the election or at the polls may be made within seven days. None have yet been filed.
“If no objections are filed, then (next) Friday most likely is when we would issue a certification,” Gottschalk said.
After the certification, it is likely the union will seek bargaining for a new contract. The last contract expired in February 2011.
This was a rerun decertification election, after a November 2011 vote was riddled with objections and the NLRB investigation found they had some merit.
The objections included allegations of “promises of increased wages, fringe benefits and other improved terms and conditions of employment” if employees voted the union out and “threats of discipline, discharge and the imposition of unfavorable or adverse conditions of employment” if they did not. 
The company and union came to a settlement in September 2012, Gottschalk said. The agreement included the rescheduled decertification election.