February 22. 2013 7:00AM - Last modified: February 22. 2013 7:22AM

APPLETON - Walker targeting skills gap in budget

On a typical day, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s plant will churn out an array of welding equipment to be shipped around the world.

That wouldn’t be possible without the hundreds of workers to assemble the components and test the finished products to ensure they are properly working.

Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday praised Miller employees for the jobs they do and said the state can do more to ensure businesses that need skilled workers to fill open jobs will find them. He was in Appleton touring Miller’s plant speaking on how aspects of his proposed $68 billion biennial budget will put more money in Wisconsin families’ pockets and get job training to those who need it.
One element of his proposed budget would include $17 million for work force training, specifically targeting what Walker described as “able-bodied adults,” but are now receiving government assistance.

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