February 07. 2013 7:00AM - Last modified: February 07. 2013 7:18AM

ASHLAND - Students learn why some of nation’s top jobs are in manufacturing

People who work in manufacturing plants have to put up with lousy conditions and low pay, right? Wrong.

According to Suzannah Crandall, youth services specialist at the Northwest Central Employment Program in Ashland, many of the best jobs in the country are in manufacturing.

To prove that, Northwest CEP arranged for 55 high school students from Ashland, Bayfield, Drummond, Hurley, Mellen and Washburn to visit local plants on Tuesday.

The students saw paper-converting equipment being produced at C.G. Bretting Manufacturing Co., doors and windows being built at H Window Company, earth-moving equipment being assembled at Ashland Industries, youths learning how to weld at Ashland High School, and machinists being trained at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College.

Because the event was designed to dispel popular misconceptions about factory work, it was called the Mythbusting Manufacturing Tour.

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