January 17. 2013 11:00AM - Last modified: January 17. 2013 11:19AM

Walmart to sell lawn mowers with Briggs engines

Briggs & Stratton Corp. announced today that three Snapper walk mower models fearing Briggs engines will be sold at Walmart beginning this month.

The new Snapper mowers tout a top-performing cutting deck and other key features.

"We are pleased to announce this highly competitive offering of Snapper walk mowers at Walmart," said Jeff Coad, vice president of marketing, Briggs & Stratton Products Group. "This lineup will fit any budget and we are thrilled that it will be introduced on such a national stage. These new Snapper mowers will join the Murray branded walk mower lineup successfully introduced last year at Walmart, as well as a new Murray branded handheld line for 2013, to create a strong, cohesive lineup of power equipment brands for the Walmart customer.”