December 17. 2012 9:00AM

Dr. Joshua Field


By Alysha Schertz

Dr. Joshua Field
Associate medical director at Blood Center of Wisconsin
Assistant Professor of Medicine at Medical College of Wisconsin
Medical Director of Adult Sickle Cell Clinic at Froedtert Hospital
Dr Joshua Field

Joshua Field is a hematologist. In 2010, he moved to Milwaukee with the goal of developing a clinic specifically designed to take better care of patients with sickle cell disease; keeping them out of the hospitals and less acutely and chronically ill.

Field began working with sickle cell patients at Children's Hospital in 2010. In September 2011, he formed the Sickle Cell clinic at Froedtert Hospital.

In just over a year, Field and his team have grown in size and have met some significant metrics for the hospital system, he said.

"The care we provide is very comprehensive. We see our patients in the clinic and we see them frequently," Field said. "We're able to provide our patients with a sort of make-shift urgent care facility - an opportunity to not have to go the emergency room."

Patients with sickle cell disease most commonly suffer from chronic pain caused by red blood cells clogging and accumulating in the branching point of a vein.

The disease can affect every organ in the body, and severely shorten a person's life expectancy, Field said.
Gil White, executive vice president and research director at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin nominated Field for this award.

The model of care, according to Field, is working. The team has been able to cut back hospital admissions and emergency department visits in sickle cell patients. "The people working with me as part of this group have really gone over and above what would be expected of the vast majority of people," Field said. "I'm really very appreciative of their work and dedication."

Field hopes to replicate the model so this type of comprehensive care is available to all sickle cell disease patients in Milwaukee.

"I've been fortunate to have an incredible team of people who work really well with our patients," he said.

Field's team consists of Kathryn Koch, Jeanette Thompson, Cynthia Leonard,Vanessa Lee, Alisha Delany, Canice Coan, Bernadette Allen, Kim Slotterback, Jillian Dargatz and Debora Nischik.

"We are able to gain the patient's trust and be a complete advocate for them," Field said. "It's much easier to care for them and coordinate their care at all levels."

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