November 16. 2012 2:00PM - Last modified: November 16. 2012 2:50PM

GE Healthcare to cut Wisconsin workforce by 2%

GE Healthcare, which has a major presence in Wauwatosa and Pewaukee, announced today that it plans to cut its Wisconsin workforce of about 6,500 employees by 2 percent.

"GE Healthcare can confirm that it is looking at ways to streamline its structure and reduce costs through different ways, including removing duplication and layers in the organization. This will reduce complexity, speed up decision making and help us become more accessible for our customers. Taking these actions will position GE Healthcare well for 2013 and beyond," said GE Healthcare spokesman Benjamin Fox. "While GEHC regrets the loss of any job, the business needs to make tough decisions in the current economic climate. As part of this process to streamline our structure, approximately 2 percent of positions will be affected here in Wisconsin."
GE Healthcare will try to find "alternative roles" for its employees to mitigate any job losses, Fox said.
"So, it's not possible to say how many jobs may be lost," he said. "If an employee has not found an alternate role when their role is scheduled to be eliminated, they will be eligible for various benefits including income extension aid, medical care coverage, and job training/tuition reimbursement to assist in their transition."
Despite the cutbacks, GE Healthcare will maintain a prominent presence in the state, Fox said.
"Although employment levels fluctuate based on business and customer needs, GE's long-term commitment to Wisconsin remains strong ," he said.