May 14. 2012 6:00AM - Last modified: May 14. 2012 7:00AM

TWO RIVERS – Formrite to add dozens of jobs

It is exciting for a business owner who makes a bold jobs growth prediction and it pans out.
Just ask Dave Wage, president, owner and CEO of Formrite, HMF Innovations and Heavy Metal Fabricators.

"We should be over 200 employees total by the end of 2012," Wage said Thursday, standing in the 375,000-square-foot facility at 400 Columbus St. that was the former home of Thermo Fisher Scientific's steel manufacturing in the Lakeshore area.

After purchasing the facility in November, Wage said he anticipated Formrite would add, within 12 to 18 months, about 65 employees to the 110 already working for the hydraulic tube assemblies company.

With 10 new hires last week and another 30 set to come on board in the next six months, Wage's rosy employment forecast should become reality.

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