May 01. 2012 7:00AM - Last modified: May 01. 2012 7:01AM

GREEN BAY - Green Bay pushes to become major sports mecca

If Brad Toll and Ken Wachter get their way, the WIAA will have an easy decision to make in a few years.

Toll, president and chief executive officer of the Greater Green Bay & the Lakeshore Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Wachter, who has the same title but with PMI Entertainment Group, are two of the leading players in the saga that over the past five months has pitted the state’s oldest community against its most political, caused debate and resulted in harsh criticism of the WIAA, UW-Madison Athletic Department and Madison city leaders.

Toll and Wachter will be promoting, selling tickets and trying to create an environment at the corner of Lombardi Avenue and Oneida Street that will make moving the girls tournament back to Madison almost impossible.

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