April 30. 2012 6:00AM - Last modified: April 30. 2012 6:49AM

MADISON - Dynamic digital dreams discussed at Startup Weekend Madison

Your back-row seat on a delayed flight could keep you from making a connecting flight.

A woman assigned to the front row is in no rush — but could use some cash.

On Sit4Sat.com, you offer her $50 to swap seats. She says yes. You get to your meeting on time.

For now, it’s one of 15 digital ideas discussed Saturday at Startup Weekend Madison, the first event of its kind in Wisconsin. But if Niko Skievaski has his way, Sit4Sat.com could become a real business.

"It would open up a market where a market didn’t exist before," said Skievaski, 25.
Skievaski — who works at Epic, the electronic medical records company in Verona — was one of 110 budding entrepreneurs gathered at Madison Area Technical College’s West campus for a 54-hour collaboration that started Friday night and ends Sunday.

The goal: Turn bright ideas into reality.

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