April 30. 2012 11:00AM - Last modified: April 30. 2012 11:12AM

Wisconsin expands No Call List to include texts

Wisconsin’s No Call Law is being expanded to also protect the state’s residents against unwanted text messages.

“Unsolicited texts are a growing problem, especially in terms of fraudulent activity,” said Sandy Chalmers, division administrator for Trade and Consumer Protection. “By signing up for the No Call List, Wisconsin consumers can say, ‘Don’t text me.’”
Consumers received an estimated 4.5 billion spam texts in 2011 – more than double the number received in 2009, according to a market research firm.
“The new protection will benefit all mobile phone users, but it will be especially welcomed by two groups of consumers: those who are tired of being awakened in the night by texts, and those who have to pay for incoming texts,” Chalmers said.
To sign up for No Call protections, Wisconsin consumers can register for the No Call List by visiting http://nocall.wisconsin.gov/ or calling 866-9NO-CALL (866-966-2255). Consumers who are already registered for the list are automatically registered for the text protections.
No Call registrations last for two years, but consumers can renew and extend registrations at any time. Updated lists of numbers on the No Call List are sent to telemarketers quarterly.
Messages and calls from nonprofits, market research groups and political organizations or messages made in response to a request for solicitation are not covered by the No Call law.