April 26. 2012 8:00AM - Last modified: April 26. 2012 8:54AM

Harley Davidson Museum to sell archive image reprints

The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee recently launched a new website that includes an archive vault of more than 500 images not seen outside the company.

The new site makes the images available to the public to purchase as reprints.
“The Harley-Davidson Museum is excited to give the public access to more images from our collection,” said Bill Davidson, vice president of the Harley-Davidson Museum. “Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or simply love American history, harley-davidsonimages.com has something for everyone, and it’s the only place to go for authentic Harley-Davidson photos.”
The website, harley-davidsonimages.com provides several reprint options, allowing customers to find photos they want and have them printed on various media, including stretched canvas, wooden signs, and archival paper.
The collection of images on the site includes professional photography and candid shots dating back to 1903. There is a 1923 photo of two of the four founders of Harley-Davidson, William A. Davidson and William S. Harley. Both men were avid riders and sportsmen and were known to often sneak away on their Harley-Davidson motorcycle for an afternoon of fishing.
The images on harley-davidsonimages.com are the only photos being made available from the Harley-Davidson Museum and the Harley-Davidson Archives. Prices for the prints range from $32 to $999, depending on the media used.