April 26. 2012 11:30AM - Last modified: April 26. 2012 11:31AM

Wellness research study seeks employers

A wellness research study being conducted by Marquette University, Medical College of Wisconsin, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is seeking employers interested in promoting wellness programs to their employees.

By participating in the study, employers are eligible to: gain insights related to employee wellness needs assessment and interest, via free focus groups and surveys that are provided; and promote Project FUN to their employees, a free on-line nutrition and physical activity program designed for parents and fourth- to eighth-grade children.
If interested in joining the wellness focus groups or surveys, contact Maribeth Goretzke, UWM College of Nursing at (262) 443-7191. If interested in Project FUN, contact Christine Glen at the MU College of Nursing (847) 544-6852.