April 16. 2012 6:00AM - Last modified: April 16. 2012 6:50AM

MARIBEL - Food waste digester could create 20 jobs

Up to 20 jobs could be created in the village of Maribel in Manitowoc County if plans to build a food waste digester remain on track.

"We were approached by a group (Green Energy Partners); they came in with a proposition a couple weeks ago that they could build this digester and turn (food) into natural gas," village president Daniel Fels said.

An informational meeting was held late last week for Maribel residents about a private company's plan to build a digester that would turn food scraps — rather than manure from farms, which is more commonly used — from restaurants and manufacturers into fuel.
The digester would be west of Interstate 43 on Manitowoc County Z on the former Cedar Ridge Restaurant property and adjacent land.

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