April 12. 2012 8:00AM - Last modified: April 12. 2012 8:48AM

Weiland retires after 25 years at Hydro-Thermal

Roger Weiland, chief financial officer at Waukesha-based Hydro-Thermal Corp., is retiring. His last day of work as a full time employee for the company is Friday, April. 13. He started as a controller at the company in 1986 and was later promoted to chief financial officer.

Weiland is the father of BizTimes Milwaukee managing editor Andrew Weiland.
"I have worked with at least a dozen different controllers or CFOs," said Mike Smolinski, business operations system consultant for Hydro-Thermal. "While all had special talents and varied personalities, none exhibited the expertise, knowledge and versatility of Roger. I regard Roger as an incredibly gifted, caring, absolutely genuine individual that has blessed every life he has come in contact with. He is definitely one of a kind."
Prior to joining Hydro-Thermal, Weiland was an accountant for Clark Oil & Refining in West Allis, where he worked for 11 years until the company relocated to St. Louis. He was also a member of the Wisconsin National Guard for nine years.
"I had mostly worked for large organizations before I came to Hydro-Thermal," Weiland said. "When you are in a smaller sized company like we are at the present time, you have the great opportunity to be part of a family; a team, in which each person is a very, very important part of the success of that group."
Weiland now plans to spend more time at the library, do more traveling, golfing and playing tennis. He also plans to continue to teach himself piano, he said.
"Roger was managing finance at Hyrdo-Thermal before I became a full-time employee myself," said Jim Zaiser, president of Hydro-Thermal. "He has been helpful, informative and friendly. Roger always goes beyond expectations and is proficient and timely."