April 02. 2012 9:00AM

Customer service

The Last Word

The S.J. Janis Company, a full-service design/build remodeler in Wauwatosa, celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011. Gary Sannes, CR, CGR, president of S.J. Janis, said outstanding customer service is key to furthering the company's philosophy of having Janis clients be a “Client for Life.”

“We understand that communication is the cornerstone to a successful relationship, especially in our business, where we are working in people’s homes for an extended period of time. Because our reputation is built on delivering an exceptional remodeling experience with a high level of service to our clients, it’s important to us to continually measure how we are doing and how we can improve.

“Although we personally conduct weekly meetings and project close-out surveys with our clients to monitor satisfaction, we wondered if there were any comments they were hesitant to tell us. Several years ago, we decided that our clients would answer more freely through an independent survey.  That’s when we joined GuildQuality Inc.

“GuildQuality serves hundreds of building professionals committed to delivering an exceptional client experience.  As an independent third-party, GuildQuality interviews every client about their experience using 22 targeted questions, half of which we customized for our client base.

“We share survey results with our team members in weekly production meetings as well as at the end-of-the-project meeting.  Each employee looks forward to receiving the surveys, not only as a source of feedback regarding their individual performance, but also as a tool for learning how we can improve as a company. 

“We wouldn’t be able to measure quality and customer satisfaction if we didn’t ask those probing and insightful questions.  Sometimes it isn’t what we want to hear, but it is valuable to provide the best remodeling experience we can.  All client feedback is published on our website, which provides additional incentive to excel. 

Client referrals and repeat business are critical to any business and especially to our ‘Client for Life’ philosophy.  Homeowners have mentioned that since we invest the time and money to measure quality and satisfaction, it truly demonstrates that we care.

Having a third party that we can trust with our most valuable resource – our customer – is priceless.  Learning from our customers and adapting our business to meet their needs in this challenging and growing marketplace is what makes us a better business.”



Gary Sannes
President, The S.J. Janis Company


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