September 22. 2011 2:00AM - Last modified: March 14. 2012 1:27PM

West Bend company to expand LLC is expanding its plant in West Bend.
The company will invest nearly $900,000 and create 21 new jobs over the next three years.
The firm announced it has received a $50,000 in Wisconsin state income tax credit from the newly formed Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC) to help with the expansion.
Discount Ramps also announced its online retail sales of ramps, loading and transport products in August soared past the $2 million mark.
DiscountRamps chief executive officer Joel Lederhause.said, "With the National Retail Federation reporting that overall August 2011 retail sales were flat, we were delighted to hit this milestone in our online sales growth. We are anticipating a 20-percent increase in annual revenue for 2011, so the addition of the WEDC tax credits will assist us in hiring the talent we need to continue to raise the bar for our growth while also bringing more jobs to our community." started the application process for the WEDC tax credits during the summer with assistance from the Economic Development of Washington County, a public-private partnership fueling growth companies for the creation of jobs and wealth.
"Achieving such a noteworthy sales milestone and receiving tax credit support from the WEDC demonstrates the broad-based confidence Discount Ramps has earned as a market leader capable of successfully connecting the dots between innovation and opportunity," said Christian Tscheschlok, executive director of Economic Development Washington County.