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Shattering some of the myths about Wisconsin's startup economy

All businesses must labor, to one degree or another, under a certain amount of mythology.
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Richard Pieper 
Tens of billions of dollars down the drain will be the result of Volkswagen chief executive officer Martin Winterkorn's lapse in supposedly being unaware that his company attempted to cheat its way to success in the U.S. and around the world. Someone made the decision and someone carried out the plan to install software that would allow VW diesels to slip emission detection. Compliance would have been cheap at many times the cost.
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Qualifying conversations: Thanks…but maybe no thanks

The cold call is the most unforgiving of all sales interactions. But the qualifying interaction is the most technically demanding.

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They have choices: Avoid the common frustrations of a smart job seeker

If you have been trying to hire new employees, you are facing a new competitive talent market. Recruiters are facing new challenges and hiring managers are asking to see more applicants for their jobs and it’s frustrating for both...
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Innovate or Die: Designing your way to success

On the campaign trail, we hear Donald Trump telling Americans that we have to stop sending our jobs to China. But if you run a company and suddenly Chinese products have dramatically undercut your pricing, that is a game changer, and you'd be...
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Water Council seeks applications for Pilot Deployment Program

The Water Council has opened the application process for its Pilot Deployment Program, which helps businesses of all sizes as they advance their research and prototypes into products ready for market.
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BrightStar announces four new investments

BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation Inc. has made four new investments in early-stage companies across the state.
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