U.S. Supreme Court ruling: Administrative trademark decisions may preclude infringement litigation

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on March 24 that Trial Trademark and Appeal Board (TTAB) decisions “can be weighty enough” to preclude a district court from litigating the likelihood of confusion between trademarks in a subsequent... More »

By Katrina Hull > April 24, 2015

Milwaukee needs to contribute more for Bucks arena project

The Milwaukee Bucks recently unveiled their new $1 billion plan to build a sports entertainment district with a catchy hashtag campaign and flashy photos of the potential arena. However, one crucial aspect was missing from the unveiling: who is... More »

By John Nygren > April 23, 2015

Business confidence is on the rise

Several jaws dropped and eyebrows rose in January when BizTimes predicted a robust year of national economic growth for 2015. More »

By Steve Jagler > April 22, 2015

New Bucks arena would bring increased tax revenue and jobs

As the Milwaukee Bucks head into the playoff season, there's a lot going on to make sure they remain a Wisconsin team in the future. More »

By Jim Steineke > April 17, 2015

A new funding approach is needed if we are going to retain the Bucks

Having closely watched the debate over how to fund a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks, it appears there is a real risk that this franchise will leave Milwaukee. It appears that the state legislature has balked at Gov. Scott Walker's original $220... More »

By Robert Bauman > April 16, 2015

Wrestling with employee retention

Observing the Wisconsin state wrestling tournament this year, I noticed a consistency to the competitors who were winning: They weren't flashy. They stuck to the fundamentals, and did them well. More »

By Jeff Kortes > April 15, 2015

Algorithms and the human factor: How will society strike balance?

Data science is a fancy term for statistics. It's the extraction of knowledge from data, which can be derived from multiple digital sources and turned into a resource to make business decisions. More »

By Tom Still > April 14, 2015

Modernization is unlocking commercial capital

One year ago this week, I took my oath to lead the U.S. Small Business Administration, the federal agency chartered by Congress in 1953 to support America's entrepreneurs. More »

By Maria Contreras-Sweet > April 13, 2015

City should demand assistance from Nationstar Mortgage

Dear Mayor Tom Barrett and Common Council President Michael Murphy: More »

By Margaret Crowley > April 9, 2015

Bucks assemble vibrant business team

Under new ownership, the Milwaukee Bucks made significant strides by building a young pool of talent on the court this season. More »

By Steve Jagler > April 8, 2015

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