Holiday perks include naughty and nice in Wisconsin politics

A source close to the toy industry has once again leaked a copy of Santa's perks list for Wisconsin politicians and newsmakers. Here's what the good boys and girls in Madison and Washington will reportedly find in their stockings this Christmas. But... More »

By Tom Still > December 19, 2014

Popular tax breaks will be reinstated

The House and Senate have overwhelmingly passed a Tax Extenders Bill, which retroactively extends tax breaks that had previously expired at the end of 2014. More »

By Steve Bjork > December 19, 2014

Reduce liability risks at holiday party

Ms. Shiner claimed that at the company holiday party she was fondled, had her boss's tongue in her ear, was chased around a table and propositioned. More »

By Tom Godar > December 17, 2014

Mone seeks 'open door' with business community

Just hours after Mark Mone, Ph.D., learned that he had been named University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's ninth chancellor on Monday, he addressed an audience of campus and community members, friends and media with a plan to forge “a new... More »

By Erica Breunlin > December 16, 2014

Amid legislative ‘distractions,’ what happened to job creation?

Job creation was the central debate topic in the just-concluded campaign for governor of Wisconsin, so the question has to be asked: how did that issue fade so fast from the radar screen of the state's political leaders? More »

By John Torinus > December 10, 2014

YMCA blindsides community

With little or no forewarning, the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee stunned the community by announcing in April that it was nearly $30 million in debt and needed a plan to restructure. More »

By Steve Jagler > December 8, 2014

Small businesses drive U.S. job recovery

Talk about a good news Friday. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that our economy added 321,000 jobs in November. That's 57 consecutive months we've added jobs – the longest employment growth streak since America started keeping track. More »

By Maria Contreras-Sweet > December 8, 2014

Let’s Scale Up Milwaukee

Scale Up Milwaukee continues to inspire new projects in the U.S. and beyond. Earlier this year, the U.S. Small Business Administration announced its launch of Scale Up America, an effort to support community efforts fostering entrepreneurial... More »

By Mary Makowski > December 4, 2014

Hall has brought stability to WEDC

If asked to return for another term as secretary and chief executive officer of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., Reed Hall says he would be honored to serve again. More »

By Steve Jagler > December 3, 2014

Celebrate ‘Giving Tuesday’ with gifts of time, talent and treasure

So far this week, we have had the opportunity to give thanks for all we have, shop in stores - both large and small - for the latest bargains and, in case we missed those, we could have spent Monday on the Internet trying to get an even bigger... More »

By Raejean Kanter > December 2, 2014

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