Will Walker lead on big issues back home?

Let's take Gov. Scott Walker at his word that he is not going to be lured away from finishing out the remaining three years of his second term. He is right on that there is “plenty of work to do” in Wisconsin. More »

By John Torinus > October 6, 2015

How to judge the arena deal

Now that the Milwaukee Common Council has approved the city's share of the arena financing package, the deal has cleared all of the major hurdles of the public approval process. More »

By Andrew Weiland > October 6, 2015

Shattering some of the myths about Wisconsin's startup economy

All businesses must labor, to one degree or another, under a certain amount of mythology. More »

By Tom Still > October 5, 2015

A Volkswagen education: Everything begins and ends at the top

Tens of billions of dollars down the drain will be the result of Volkswagen chief executive officer Martin Winterkorn's lapse in supposedly being unaware that his company attempted to cheat its way to success in the U.S. and around the world. More »

By Richard Pieper > September 29, 2015

Private donors step up for UW

Before Wisconsin Badgers running back Melvin Gordon completed his then NCAA record-setting 408-yard rushing performance, the Nov. 15, 2014 Wisconsin-Nebraska football game in Madison was interrupted for a special announcement: University of... More »

By Andrew Weiland > September 25, 2015

Walker presidential campaign RIP

Observations on the current state of affairs in Wisconsin: More »

By John Torinus > September 21, 2015

Advancing manufacturing to a first-round draft pick

For many students looking to enter the workforce, picking a career path follows a similar pattern to sports teams drafting players. The job that meets the most of their interests becomes the first-round pick, and all subsequent jobs take a step down... More »

By Diane Riley > September 21, 2015

The importance of checking out

Earlier this year, I underwent surgery and was down for the count longer than expected. I barely looked at email the first two weeks I was home. I wasn't in the office for a month. And guess what? An amazing thing happened. The world did not end. My... More »

By Amy Fallucca > September 18, 2015

Workplace violence – A hidden national tragedy

The murder of two Virginia news journalists on live TV by a disgruntled former station employee creates a sense of vulnerability in all of us. How can good people, merely doing their jobs, lose their lives at work? Though incidents of fatalities are... More »

By Tom Godar > September 16, 2015

Workforce strategies must keep sharp eye on changing demands

Wisconsin's workforce challenges are well-documented: Baby boomers are aging out of their careers and “brain drain,” while often overstated, is costing the state some of its young talent. More »

By Tom Still > September 15, 2015

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