Why a millennial chooses Milwaukee: Communication and culture

I have lived in Milwaukee most of my life, and I consider this city my home. Milwaukee is a beautiful city, an entrepreneurial city, with a fantastic food and music culture – uniquely suited for my millennial demographic. But I'm fairly sure... More »

By Hannah Thompson > July 30, 2015

SPONSORED: We're all innovators

“Innovation” is one of the hottest buzzwords in business. Its intent is to describe new products that change the way we consume or do business, solve a nagging problem or create an entirely new market. More »

By Tom Nelson > July 29, 2015

Reorganization of UW colleges just a start

The reorganization of the 13 UW Colleges into four regional groups should be viewed as a first step toward a regional reorganization of the whole University of Wisconsin System. More »

By John Torinus > July 28, 2015

A unified approach to regional transportation, including transit

Over the last several decades, the economic vitality and growth of Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin have fared poorly to other metropolitan regions in the country, with rankings in comparative studies generally placing our region in the lower... More »

By Tom Rave > July 27, 2015

Protecting options in Wisconsin's health care marketplace

Here's a fact: Today we have unprecedented ability to save lives, extend lifespan, and improve health. Here's another fact: We don't have unlimited dollars to pay for this medical care. More »

By Jerry Frye > July 22, 2015

Budget making by surprise: A mixed bag

The Wisconsin budget sausage, painful to watch being ground, is ready for the grill, and chief sausage maker, Gov. Scott Walker, is off to join the gaggle of Republican presidential wannabees. More »

By John Torinus > July 14, 2015

Angel, venture investments in Wisconsin took healthy jump in 2014

One of the enduring gripes about Wisconsin's startup and scale-up climate has been the lack of enough angel and venture capital. More »

By Tom Still > July 13, 2015

Severe polarization in U.S. could end in 5-7 years

What are the reasons behind our polarization? When will it end? More »

By Bob Chernow > July 9, 2015

Work needed toward a multifaceted solution to deadly violence

With regard to our city's policing, I have frequently stated, “If people do not feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods, then no other service we provide as a city matters.” More »

By Jim Bohl > July 8, 2015

SPONSORED: Sustainability is not a buzzword. It's good business.

These days, the word "sustainability" feels overused. This is especially true in business, and nowhere more so than in the packaging industry. A closer look at what it means for all manufacturers, though, points to a strong business case for... More »

By Tom Nelson > July 6, 2015

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