Cybersecurity talent shortage matter of economic and national security

In the (first) Cold War, Americans worried about nuclear attack and a retaliatory Armageddon that would have reduced the world to a smoldering wreck More »

By Tom Still > January 23, 2015

SBA lending and mentoring fuel growth for Wisconsin small businesses

On Tuesday night, Americans saw Colorado sub shop owner Carolyn Reed at the State of the Union address, representing America's small businesses and their importance in driving the economic recovery. More »

By Eric Ness > January 22, 2015

State must intervene with underperforming schools

There has been an abundance of media coverage the last few weeks regarding the school accountability debate that has been revived in the State Legislature's new session. More »

By Jim Steineke > January 20, 2015

Celebrate King Day with quiet contemplation

When I introduced a resolution to the Milwaukee County Board making Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a major county holiday, I did it out of my great respect for the fallen civil rights leader and humanitarian. More »

By Khalif Rainey > January 19, 2015

IQ Corridor: more talk than walk

For decades, political and economic thinkers have been talking up the potential virtues of closer connections between Madison and Milwaukee. More »

By John Torinus > January 16, 2015

UWM has been blessed with fine chancellors

Mark Mone, Ph.D., knows he has some very big shoes to fill as the new chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. More »

By Steve Jagler > January 15, 2015

These political decisions will have major consequences

If it seems like so many public policy decisions are hanging fire in Wisconsin these days, it's only because they are. More »

By Steve Jagler > January 14, 2015

Safe & Sound refocuses mission

With a newly established strategic plan, Safe & Sound is beefing up its community organizing and youth organizing initiatives to build safe, empowered neighborhoods and refocusing its funding in order to maximize its impact. More »

By Erica Breunlin > January 13, 2015

Economic momentum is gaining speed in 2015

Greg Ip is the editor for The Economist. More »

By Richard Marcus > January 12, 2015

A better way to fund municipal roads

Partnership is the key to economic success. Wisconsin's villages and cities invite the Wisconsin Legislature to become partners in the state's prosperity. Instead of debating whether and how the state can or should limit local government authority,... More »

By Jerry Deschane > January 7, 2015

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