Mount Mary celebrates 100 years with name change

Mount Mary College, located in Milwaukee, officially became Mount Mary University on July 1, which marked a new fiscal year at the institution.

The name change, announced in February, better reflects the breadth of the school’s bachelor, master and doctorate degree programs, according to Eileen Schwalbach, president of Mount Mary.

The Catholic institution had been considering a name change for more than a year, and the new name will be used this fall as it celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Mount Mary faculty and staff honored the official name change on Monday with an employee luncheon and a ceremonial ringing of the campus’ Notre Dame Hall bells.

Schwalbach also spread a celebratory message across campus that read: “Dear Mount Mary University! Congratulations! Today we have officially become a university. For one hundred years we have lived out the mission of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Today we begin the next century, firmly committed to educating creative leaders who will transform the world. Let us remember all those who have come before us and recommit ourselves to continuing their legacy as we take Mount Mary to the next phase of our history.”

Mount Mary serves about 1,050 female undergraduate students and nearly 600 male and female graduate and doctoral students.

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