IQ innovation quotient winners – 2007: Shorewest Realtors

In 2005, Brookfield-based Shorewest Realtors became the first real estate company to launch its own 24-hour television channel, continuing its tradition of innovations in the industry.

Shorewest was the first local real estate company to run property photos in its print ads (1960s), the first to run agents’ photos and names in its ads (1971), the first to have a 24-hour real estate hotline (1992) and first to make that hotline bilingual (2004). Shorewest then became the first local Realtor to have an interactive Internet site (1995) and now is the first to have an exclusive 24-hour cable television channel.

The channel, Shorewest TV, allows interested buyers to monitor the homes that are for sale in their hometowns or areas of interest.

Shorewest TV is one more way for Shorewest Realtors to use technology to ensure customer satisfaction, said Joseph Horning, president of Shorewest Realtors.

Shorewest TV features exterior and interior photographs, detailed descriptions of the properties and the listing agents’ contact information.

The programming is separated by community in half-hour segments and includes single-family home listings, multi-family properties, commercial properties and Christie’s Great Estates Properties, which features three-minute videos of high-end home listings four times daily.

In addition, the channel offers focused programming that consolidates the active listings of popular property types.

“Home-buyers and sellers have responded well to the convenienceof on-demand Shorewest TV,” said Wendy Norem, spokeswoman for Shorewest Realtors, which has400 employees.

Shorewest TV is hosted by news anchor Renee Riddle, and is available on Time Warner Cable digital channel 139 and on Time Warner Cable’s on-demand, channel 1400. Viewership for Shorewest TV on-demand has increased threefold since its inception.


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